The purpose of this course is to introduce Java programming language, which is an
another high level programming language. This course contents include Java
basic, class and object, Java applet and graphics, control statements, array and
some important object-oriented concepts such as inheritance, polymorphism and
interface. In lectures, we will do many examples and exercises to illustrate the Java.

The purpose of this course is to describe the theory of operating systems. It
concentrates on each of the “managers” in turn and shows how they work
together. Then it introduces network organization concepts, security, ethics, and
management of network functions. In the second half-semester we will introduce
actual operating systems, how they apply the theories presented in the first half
and how they compare with each other.

The textbook of "Networks and communications (網路與通訊)".
Computer Networking: A Top-Down Approach (7th Edition)
by James Kurose and Keith Lin Ross
Textbooks are required in class.

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